LED Light Up Scarfs - Collars

LED Light Up Scarfs - Collars for dogs of all sizes from Chihuahuas to Labradors and even giant breeds as well. 

Collars are: 





  • Slip-On Style, no buckle 

  • The LED is push button and takes ordinary lithium battery for up to around 70 hours

  • The battery pack inside is weatherproof, washable (hand wash, gently, don't soak or take out of collar before washing)

  • The LED light can be solid form, flashing (2 different speeds) and turned on / off 

  • For walking at night us a regular collar underneath the light up scarf 

  • Made of cotton fabric with a metal slider and elastic at the LED Battery pack end to remove easily to replace battery 


  • LED Light available in Blue and Pink with the dog widsom fabric as showen above

$20.00 each

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