Pet Slings - Carrying Bags

$30.00 ea

PLEASE READ FULL LISTING AND VIEW ALL PICS BEFORE ORDERING - These are not Purse Carrying Bags or Hardbags (no hard bottoms),


These are Slings that you wear on one shoulder across your body as shown, and the bag will warp around and hold your dog/cat tight to your body once there full weight is inside it.


Small animals will be a little bit looser and they can move around more as there not much weight to hold down the sling.

For little dogs 10lbs and under that like to be carried everywhere, great for outings and around the house. Perfect for other small pets too, guinea pigs, ferrets rats, etc

Fits 3 - 10lbs dogs/cats/etc, so the pouch is 20 inches long x 10 inches depth x 6 wide - One size fits all
Made of cotton fabric, with adjustable 2" wide nylon strap

I only recommend up to 10lbs but they can take up to as much as of 15lbs but all depends on the weight you want to carry as the sling sits on 1 shoulder and across the back.

A leash can be tied to the d-ring