** If wanting EMBROIDERY (Name ane/or Phone#) on the collar, it has to be added separatelyto the cart**


They are made with thick nylon with ribbon sewn on, and adjustable. Any size can be done,

Plastic Buckles are very strong, can hold up to 200lbs or more weight. Never had one snap

Belt Buckles are all metal no plastic


Available in 3 different widths: 
1 inch wide - Large breeds (Labs/Rotties/German Shepherds) 
3/4th inch wide - Medium Breeds (Jack Russell/Pugs) 
1/2 inch width - Small breeds & cats (Chihuahuas/Yorkies/Shitzus) - Not the break-away kind


Sizes are: 
Small 8 - 14 inches adjustable 
Medium 12 - 17 inches adjustable
Large 15 - 23 inches adjustable
XLarge 22 - 39 inches adjustable


Please note 1" wide ribbon is used to make the collars for all width sizes so as displayed in the photos is a 1" width as you go smaller some of the pattern will be cut off. 

All orders will take 2 - 4 business days

Piano Keys Plastic Buckle Collars


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