Fleece Sweaters for Dogs & Cats - Custom made to Measurements

** Measurements are needed for perfect fit **
- Neck - All the way around wear collar normally sits 
- Girth - All the way around chest behind front legs 
- Length - From base of neck to tail
- Underbelly from Red line to the green line (in between the front legs) 
- Chest Width - in between the 2 front legs 


Small $15.00 each for dogs/cats under 30lbs
Medium $20.00 ea for dogs 30lbs - 60lbs
Large $30.00 ea for dogs 60lbs to 100lbs
XLarge $40.00 ea for dogs 100lbs to 200lbs

They are made of all fleece, they can be all solid color or mix between animal pattern and solid or all animal. 
No harness hole