Tote Bags


Tote Bags for all your furry friend's stuff when you go out to the beach, car ride, trip, vets or dog shows.


3 outer pockets, one on the front and back and one on the side with elastic.

Fabric lined inside with a long elastic pocket to hold a folder and notebooks, and one on the side as well and enough space to add a small insulated lunch bag for water bottles. Still enough room as well for balls, leashes, and etc

Bottom of the bags are canvas material and the rest of the bag is cotton with stiff interfacing to keep shape. 

One side of the bag has d-rings for easy clipping of keys or poop bags 

$25.00 ea, no embroidery, and $30.00 ea with embroidery of your pets name, will be added to both sides 

When placing an order please let me know what solid color you would like as well in the note to field when placing an order, that color will be the Black parts of the bag in the photo, and also if getting embroidery done, let me know name or if you want a breed done, like in photos (chihuahua) Thanks 

Canvas bottom and straps are black -- Pockets & Lining can be black or red, blue yellow, green, etc 

Main body patten can be pattern or all solid. 

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