Doubled layered, fleece inside, and cotton fabric outside, velcro strap, and neck part slips on.
These are custom order, and measurments are needed.

All the way aroud the neck and grith, and length, and let me know how long you want the coat to hang (from behind the neck down towards the legs as far you want)

Small $20.00 ea - up to 20 lbs
Medium $30.00 - 20 lbs up to 60 lbs
Large $40.00 - 60lbs up to 120lbs
XLarge $50.00 - 120 lbs and up

2 different kinds available, No Cuff and Cuff


  • When measuring, make sure they are snug, not loose as I do add other measurements for right fit. Please let me know as well if your measuring in inches, cm or feet. Thanks

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