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Sizing 101

The “3” Basic Measurements

How to Size
  • The Topline is the length of your pet back, measured along the top of the spine from the withers (point A) - the high part of the back between the shoulders, where the neck joins the body, to the base of the tail (point B) where the tail joins the body. ​

  • The Girth (or Chest) measurement is taken all the way around the biggest part of your pet's ribcage, generally just behind the withers (point C) down and around just behind the front legs (point D) and back up the other side to point C. ​


  • The Neck is measured at the place where your pet's collar would naturally rest* - from about the top of the chest (point E) to just above the withers (point F) - this measurement is also taken all the way around.

  • If your wondering: the standard measurement of a dog's Height is from the withers point A) to the floor.

Other Measurements you may need

for Speciality Garments


  • The Head measurement is taken from just in front of the ears (point G), around under the jaw (point H) and back up. This measurement is needed for some kinds of headgear.


  • The Under Chest measurement - from just above the chest at standard collar level (point E) down under the dog, between the front legs to just behind the last rib (point L) is sometimes used for garments with chest warmers or belly protectors. Or if it's for a harnesses measure from (point E) to (point D).

  • Chest Strap measurements – are taken from (point G) the shoulder blade to (point H) the chest bone or centre point which you can feel it a bet down from where the collar sits. And from (point H) continue to the other side of your dog to the other should blade.


How to Take the Measurements 


  • A fabric tape measure but if you don't have one you can use a ribbon or a piece of string and a yardstick or ruler or a tape measure -- mark the measurement on the ribbon, and then use the yardstick or ruler or a tape measure to measure it.


  • A piece of paper and something to write with. Prevents the necessity of re-measuring when you forget the numbers.


  • Have the dog stand nice and straight with all four legs spaced normally under the body and head and tail up. Then determine the corresponding points on your dog to the points on the diagram above.


  • Take each measurement a bit loosely, so there will be room for your dog to move and breathe, but not too loose. Do not add extra for the overlap and closures of the collars. You need the actual body measurements of the dog.


  • Write down each measurement, and then measure a second time just to be sure. When you are all done, be sure to give your dog an extra treat for being such a good model!


*If you need help just ask*


Average Collar/Neck Size By Breed:

What Measurements Are Needed??


  • PAJAMAS: Neck, topline, Girth, Height, around legs, Under Chest


  • SWEATERS: Neck, Topline, Girth 

  • PET BOOTIES: *Refer to Diagram - (A) Widest part of foot & (B) Longest part from toenail to dewclaw 


  • SNOWSUITS: *Same as Pajamas

  • DIAPERS: *Refer to Diagram 

  • BELLY BANDS: All the way around just in front of the hips (no loose or tight measurements, fairly snug).

  • COATS: Neck, Topline, Girth, also how long to want it to hang 

  • RAINCOATS: " Same as coats but also from above eyes to base of neck for hoodie 

Diaper Measuments
Belly Band
Belly Band Measurements
Bootie Measurements
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