Fleece Pajamas
  • Fleece Pajamas

    They will take about 2 days make, as each order I will have to make a new pattern from the one I have, and will keep it on record for future orders for you, as they will be custom made your dog/cat measurements.

    Prices are:
    Small up to 15lbs - $15 ea
    Medium 15lbs to 30 lbs - $20 ea
    XBig Medium 30lbs to 60lbs - $30 ea
    Large 60lbs to 100lbs - $45 ea
    XBig Large 100lbs to 200lbs $55 ea

    They are made of all fleece, they can be all solid color or mix between animal pattern and solid or all animal. Also can't really see in the pictures but the belly part is open so they can be kept on when going outside for males and females.
    • Measurements are Needed

      When measuring, make sure they are snug, not loose as I do add other measurements for right fit. Please let me know as well if your measuring in inches, cm or feet. Thanks


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